Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Emergency Medical Technician

 Podcast #3 Topic Emergency Technician Program

Vincent Barranco
Our exciting discussion topic today is in the allied health field – EMT.  Professor Vincent Barranco will provide an in depth conversation about this topic.  If you have an interest in helping others, are capable of making decisions under pressure, demonstrate compassion, patience and integrity, and can lift 125 pounds this may be the field of study for you.
Listen to the podcast and learn what the associated costs will be; as well as the various levels of training required to the role of Paramedic. Those planning to advance to Paramedic are encouraged to continue as an EMT for at least 2 years to be sure that this is the area of study you wish to acquire.

Here are locations where Paramedic training is available:
  • Stony brook Hospital on Long Island
  • LaGuardia Community College in Queens
  • St. Johns University also in Queens,
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York City
  • Kingsborough Hospital in Brooklyn
  • And many other hospitals in NYS

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