Monday, February 12, 2018

Career Employment Services

Podcast #1 – February 7, 2018 TOPIC Career Employment Services provided at the LIEOC

Dr. Corinthia Price
We had our initial kickoff of this very exciting activity today.  We premiered with a discussion on the services provided in our Career Workforce Development Department.  Services provided to our students and the community are outstanding.  Current job search techniques, proper resume preparation, interviewing skills, negotiating salaries and benefits, understanding the internet “information highway” to utilize websites such as LinkedIn to submit and update employable profiles, where to seek proper interviewing attire, it was just super!  Oh, and I left out job shadowing and internships.
Take time to listen to this information, there is something for everyone.  Dr. Corinthia Price, Assistant Director -Workforce Development has a multitude of great activities that will assist seekers to obtain meaningful employment opportunities.


Dress for Success 

Career Couture


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